Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Thailand Album

Hello everybody!!!

Here is an album that I made. It is with pictures from my holiday in Thailand.

As you can see it is hand made!!!

Do not bother trying to read the journaling...it is all in Romanian.

I love to use chipboard and then paint it. I used here chipboard elements and I painted them with Making Memories paint.

I love this photo.........and I like the flower on the right hand side. I love layering...both photos and flowers.

A baby elephant........they are so nice, so friendly. And in case u have not noticed by now I like buttons.

Try adding on every page journaling. I learned the hard way that one has to add the bare minimum: date and place.........and add extra info, who is in the photo, what they are doing etc. If u are running low on inspiration, leave space and come back later to it when u feel more inspired.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Review: Vario Tab dispenser

Unfortunately I have to start my blog with a negative review, but i was very disappointed with it. I must admit that it is the first dispenser that I bought.

The tabs are very good, the adhesive very good quality, but running it on pictures or papers might be very difficult sometimes. The roller gets stuck often and sometimes it dispenses more than one tab. And if you need some precision placing, it is good for nothing.

On a scale of 1 to 10: I would give it a 3.5

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Who I am??

I am a very crazy Romanian living in the Netherlands more precisely Amsterdam.

The most important question is how I discovered scrapbooking. Now that I think about it. I don't remember. I know that I was working on my Master thesis...and I was getting tired of my thesis subject so I was browsing the internet for hobbies around my area and i came to this website.... www.scrapland.nl. I visited the store....did my research, found tons of websites and I was immediately hooked. At first I did not want to invest so much in it since I already had several other hobbies which I gave up in mid-project. But after two years, bookshelves full of stuff (to my husband's sorrow :D) I am addicted.......obsessed.......I am a scrap{f}anatic.


Dear all!!!

This is a blog dedicated to all you scrap fanatics. It is meant as a place to chat and publish what is new in my scrapbooking world. It is all about my new discoveries, my ideas.......and my projects

Enjoy and happy scrapping