Thursday, October 23, 2008

Croatian delights

This is my acrylic album..... The whole idea of an acrylic album is that the pages are transparent, so u have to be careful what and how u put your elements on the front because it will show on the other side.........and of course u have to use transparent adhesive.

I used paint to cover on one side what i did on the other side.

yeah.............i know the picture is fuzzy. I neeeeeeddddd a new camera..... it is in the planning.

My favorite comments about my height.

I stamped on the right hand side...........I used Making Memories paint, but best is to use StazOn.

Smile dear..........

I like using surprise tabs. U used a templete .......traced it on pattern paper and cut around it. And of course I used buttons to embellish it.


  1. Hi,

    i really like this travel journal, i am working on one now. I've read that you also shop at scrapland, are you a member of their forum?



  2. Sorry, Kim, I just saw ur comment. I am a member of the forum, but I rarely put posts....I am embarrassed by my Dutch spelling :P.

    They have great stuff at Scrapland. I love that store :D:D:D