Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wedding album

This is a completely hand made album that I did for my friends for Christmas 2007. I think they really liked it. The album is easy to long as u know how to measure....hihiii, which is sometimes hard. You can download instructions on how to make this piano hinge album by clicking here

Advise for the beginner scrapper: you see the wrinkles on the top of the page: those are because I used wet glue. When u decide to use wet glue, smooth out the paper and make sure it dries without creases and evenly. I now use only double sided glue.....then I do not have to bother about making sure everything dries ok.

In this page I tried to use an element from the picture in the layout. At a traditional Romanian wedding, the bride pins down flowers to all the people directly involved in the wedding: the groom, the witnesses, parents on both sides, etc....

The thing that I want to point out is: at the bottom......I punched out small pieces of paper that I used as embellishments on the right hand side. I am not a fan of keeping all the bits and pieces from the leftover paper because they are very small, hard to store and then you just end up forgetting about them. This is an idea for immediate use for your leftovers.

Coming in front of the priest..........

The thing I like most about scrapbooking is that after the layout is do not only see the embellished pictures, but you can feel the layers of papers and elements. What I like to do is use foam tape to raise certain elements.

Do not stick to using pattern paper as background......trim it off and use it as embellishment.

I like to layer many as possible...

I like swirls.............and they are "in fashion" right now. I fill in empty space with swirls or journaling....

Be daring........use a combination of patterns and colors and use embellishments to connect the colors for a cohesive layout.

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