Monday, May 11, 2009

Pregnancy album

Hi everyone!!!

Now for sale

This is a pregnancy album that I created especially for all you expecting mothers. Pregnancy can be a very difficult time for your body, but it is also full of excitement and anticipation. Gather all the memories and feelings and put them in a custom made album that you can keep for your baby when he/she grows older.

The size of the album is 8"x6" and can fit pictures 4x6 or smaller. Each page fits one photo and journaling. I recommend that you first write your journaling in pencil so that you are satisfied with how it looks and then use a Sharpie or a permanent fine tipped marker.


  1. Cute! May I ask what you use as your base album because 8x6" is a "weird" size? I'm just curious. Thanks!

  2. Hi Isn't I want a bigger scrapbook.Can I order one from you.Something very similar to what you have made above,its beautiful,but bigger and slightly leaving a little bit for me to do.

  3. Hi!!

    I custom make albums and I would be happy to make one for you. You can contact me at madalina(at) or leave me your email address.

    Looking forward to talking to you.