Wednesday, June 17, 2009

QuicKutz Silhouette -

A few weeks ago, I started creating digital files that I can use with my SCAL and Cricut to cut different shapes. They work really nice and I love creating them and then sharing them with all of you. But I do not want to discriminate all the Silhouette I created this file as a see if I did the conversion correctly (as I cannot test it myself). Please download it and test it.....and let me know if it works by leaving a comment. I am very curious and cannot wait to do more files.

Feel free to download it by pressing here and leave a comment if it works.



  1. Thank you for trying. I was unable to open the file.

  2. I have the new version for the Silhouette. It unzipped fine, and opened fine in my Robo Master software. THANKS!

    Can't wait to for more GSD files!!!