Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sure Cuts a Lot - review

I have to start this review with....I just love it!!!! It is a wonderful software.

I bought the program...easy to install no problems there. I was over enthusiastic so I wanted to cut something right away and it did not work. I was so disappointed:(:(. Of course, the problem was my Cricut's firmware. I downloaded the trial version of Design Studio, I upgraded my firmware...and that was it. But then the magic started. I literally discovered a whole new world.

The SCAL uses svg files in order to cut. SVG files are vector based image that basically tell the Cricut where to cut. Getting your own image into the SCAL is very easy. All you have to do is go to File>Import SVG and then navigate to your desired file. This eliminates the need to buy new cartridges, which I would say is very cost efficient!!

I love this program so much that I stated creating my own svg files. So stay tuned for more updates on my SCAL experience.


  1. Did you use inkscape to make your files?


  2. Photoshop to design them and then Inkscape to transform them in svg files.

  3. Love your files. Thanks for sharing:)