Wednesday, May 2, 2012

JessicaSprague - Intermediate - Bonus 1

Hello everyone!!

I just moved on to the next level: Intermediate, but unfortunately I cannot present to you the first layout because of technical issues opening the file again. The classes have the same format as the beginner level: first there is a lesson with an instructional video and then a bonus lesson where I need to create a layout using a technique or a certain theme.

So here is my first bonus lesson: 

For this layout I used the Happy go lucky free kit from It is so strange looking at my old work as I see so many other ways to improve this layout. I actually just finished the last level of the class, but I am showing you one layout a week, just because I do not want to overwhelm you with everything I did, plus it gives me a chance to go over techniques that are presented in that class.

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